Recent skills and work I have picked up are NDA and therefore not shown on this website. Contact me for more information.

Teamwork is very important to me thus during my studies I focused a lot on this skill. A service designer needs to be able to work with all kinds of stakeholders. Therefore I collaborated with very diverse experts such as programmers, managers, customers, funeral attendants, tailors etcetera. My forte in a team is to keep an overview and assign appropriate tasks to everyone.

The success of a concept is often closely related to the clearness of the story. During my studies I had to present my work often to experts as well as random audiences. I therefore developed strong skills on how to communicate a concept verbally as well as via film, graphics and prototypes. Next to this I am quick at learning new trades to be able to consult with experts.

My studies enabled me to run 5 half year individual projects and one 1 year individual master graduation project. I pride myself in being able to plan well and reach all the deadlines in time. Next to this I have been a part of several committees of the study association and short project teams where I learned to manage time in a group.

At the end of my final bachelor project I became aware of the existence of service design. I realised this was exactly the method I was searching for as I prefer to design from stakeholders needs. My master education has therefore been focussed on implementing this method with several companies ( such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Parktheater). I use tools such as service safari, service blueprint and customer journey mapping to create a concept which fits as much stakeholders as possible.


User Research

A large part of creating and validating a service design is user research. I used the Repertory Grid Method to figure out what surviving relatives and funeral attendants thought about various funeral announcement methods. Next to this I have conducted many contextual interviews and written up surveys. I am able to lead a co-creation workshop as well.

Business Modeling

To create viable concepts I realised it is important for me as a designer to be able to write up a business model. I prefer using the “Board of Innovation” model as it clearly shows the distribution of values between different stakeholders. Next to this I am able to write up an implementation roadmap and business model canvas.

Adobe Programs

As a part of my self directed studies I became skilled in the following Adobe programs: Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Muse, InDesign and After Effects.


Primarily my bachelor has been focussed on gaining skills in physical prototyping. I can create silicone casts, foam models, Laser Cut objects and sew. But also use electronics along with basic Arduino and processing programming.


I have a background in theatre which lead me to improve my skills in filming and editing. I love creating stories in a visual manner. I write the storyboard, film with my DSLR camera and edit with Premiere Pro and After Effects. Check the boxes above to see previous movies I made. .



Time Management

Service Design