, a Product and Service Design business proposition

The product and service enables Vogel’s ,a tv-mount company, to tap into a new market with their current mechanical expertise. The focussed customer is the silver economist. The goal is to let them experience and explore the outdoors more freely with the Feather bag. The bag would be designed by Castelijn en Beerens, who create high quality bags. Vogel’s would create the mechanical “cane part” and deliver a fashionable support for the elderly customer.

Next to this the connection with the Nationaal Ouderen Fonds provides a volunteer network for all users of the Feather bag. This keeps the customer on their feet and reduces their loneliness.

Customer Journey empathy map of elderly going shopping


The product was designed in a group of six students during the module “Activating your Innovation Radar”. The assignment was to create a company, product and service for Vogel’s for the elderly customer to be used outdoors. Through the two weeks the concepts was created by trend research, benchmarking, business modelling and creating a persona along with a customer journey. This is all combined into the final presentation video and prototype which is shown on the video. Gerdi Vogel’s, the CEO of Vogel’s, was very enthusiastic about the business concept as well as the professors involved.