Concealed Sincerity

, Design for Debate

Conceptual video showing the design for debate

In our society, the ideal for a perfect female body is thin, with rounded breasts and smooth skin. To makes sure we fit the ideal, we use make-up, padded bras, corrective underwear, and even undergo plastic surgery. We conceal our natural shapes.


‘Concealed Sincerity’ is about something deeply intimate; the breasts and the female body. It should not be completely revealed, but body shape can be shown. The concept is about breaking free of all the added layers. The materials used to express ‘Concealed Sincerity’ (latex, tights, silicon, metal and clay) are connected to the changes in the human body to achieve the ideal body shape, posture and position. What remains after the shedding of these ‘skins’ is a re-designed bra made of latex  showing all the details of the skin.

Video showing the process of creating "Concealed Sincerity"

Video by Tove Elfferich

The concept was created with Tove Elfferich and Banaz Palani and helped by students of the Radbout University Nijmegen. The video above shows the process. This project is also exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2015 at the Future Footprints exhibition of Material Sense.